6 Reasons for excessive perspiration

Published: 05th July 2008
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1. Natural causes of perspiration

Sweating or perspiring is a normal function of our bodies. It is the body's natural way to keep cool. It is therefore quite usual to sweat when the weather is hot, when we are doing any kind of manual labour (like digging a garden or building a wall), even when we exercise ( we can sweat in a gym or while running - we don't have to participate in a marathon to sweat). In these situations we just need to understand that the sweating is event or climate related and follow the normal practices of good hygiene.

2. Medical reasons for sweat

What is not so natural is excessive sweating for no obvious reason. This should always be investigated as it could be the body's early warning that something is wrong. It may be a natural development like the menopause in older women who experience hot flushes, or it may warn of liver or kidney problems, it may result from being over weight or warn of thyroid problems or even diabetes. It is always best to check with your doctor if you know of no obvious cause.

3. Tension as a trigger

Being tense and unable to relax is an often neglected cause of sweating. We get nervous about interviews and even meeting people. Everyday events seem to bring extra pressure. In these instances we need to learn how to relax and develop activities like walking, doing puzzles, to help us to relax. Regular massages are a brilliant way to relax and help us keep cool. Being more at peace with our selves means we don't get so uptight and avoid the excessive sweating at all the wrong moments (which only heighten our embarrassment and make matters worse).

4. Diet causes over sweating

Believe it or not, even some foods like hot spicy chillies and curries can lead to sweating. Some people re-act to particular foods too. If you suspect you have a food allergy you would need to keep a food and drink diary to spot the culprit. It is worth remembering that alcohol is a toxin and too much of it can cause the liver and kidneys to have difficulty digesting it and hence sweating (especially in the night) can occur. This is why it is best to drink water after drinking as this helps the body to cope. Sometimes a reduction in processed foods can help too.

5. Clothes and sweat

Natural fibres like cotton seem to let air through more easily than synthetic fabrics like nylon. This means that air can get though to the skin and help it to keep cool. Loose clothes are also more helpful than tight fitting trousers and tops. Even nylon socks can lead to excessive sweating of the feet which in turn makes them smell.

6. Hereditary sweating

Sweating can run in families. However by chatting with other members of the family you will probably learn how others in the family cope. They may well have spotted the triggers and can help you with the problem

These reaasons are the most common causes of sweating. Howard Jones writes on the subject of excessive sweating which many people suffer from but few are prepared to openly discuss. You can find out complete information at www.end-sweating.com

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